Brett Havekost

Houston, TX 77065 · (281) 46O-1145 ·

I am experienced in leading team managing business-critical, complex, high-profile, high-availability, multi-functional systems. I do this thruough utilizing my broad technical background to drive the development of information & database systems to optimize the use of existing infrastructure, maximize individual productivity, and help the organization reach full technological potential.


Director of Information Technology

Acclaim Energy

Bringing to the table a quick and agile focus on supporting the revenue generators. This is supporting rate optimizations and customer support using AWS, Azure, Office 365, VMWare and a whole slew of legacy applications & equipment to keep the minimize costs, maximize revenues and keep uptime over 99.99%. Working with the founder and the president of the company, we collaboratively are expanding the CRM/XRM system from a simple sales pipeline to a full lifecycle comprehensive tool.

January 2018 - Present

Program Manager

Halliburton (6 month contract work w/ Apex Systems)

With minimal direction, planned and managed multiple projects for private cloud computing/virtualization rollouts of VMware products (VRA, VIO & VDI) on an existing Dell/EMC vBlock infrastructure. The support was almost exclusively for Landmarki, a Halliburton business line, who is the leading technology solutions provider of data and analytics, science, software, and services for the exploration and production within the oil industry. This support allowed for automated development desktops, server builds and a streamlined Landmark build-release CICD pipeline that matched AWS/Azure OpenStack dependencies for seamless transitions between clouds.

  • saved over $2.2M over 3 years on 3D developer class laptop acquisitions.
  • automated software build projects with minimal additional IT Operational support.
  • gained flexibility of private or public clouds and physical server installations.
  • enforced strict 2-factor authentication for all local and remote users accessing any enterprise controlled cloud resource.

June 2017 - January 2018

Sr. Program Manager

Direct Energy (12 month contract work w/ Collabera)

Primary focus: IT Security and data integrity programs. Initiated Defense in Depth (DdD) strategy to reduce the risk of a “New York Times Front Page” cyber breach. Performed security risk assessments and fleshed out Information security risk programs. Implemented high impact, low user effort security solutions to reduce operating risk from external and internal risk. Revised and created IT governance policies, standards and procedures thru thorough GRC program frameworks. Lead team meetings, coordinate with vendors, and communicate to customers/stakeholders. Assist with the crafting of technology solutions for business needs.

July 2016 - June 2017

Hyperscale Engineering Program Manager

HP Enterprises

I lead the engineering engagement of enterprise customer pursuit programs for HP's key revenue generating strategic accounts in Hyperscale computing. I specialize in providing strong engineering leadership from solution architecture definition to global deployments at scale, focusing on server, storage, networking, and infrastructure solutions for the Cloud Computing, and High Performance Computing segments of the industry.
Specialties:Leadership and management of complex engineering programs, Customer Engagement, Management of Software and Hardware development, Cloud Computing Hardware Platforms, High Performance Computing Solutions, Strategic technology assessment, Emerging technology research, Contribution to Industry standards, High Performance Computing, Distributed Computing, Scalable Cluster Management, Common Information Model (CIM) Standards, Message Passing Interface (MPI) Standards.

September 2008 - June 2010


Regis University

January 2001 - May 2004

University of Nebraska

August 1988 - December 1992

Predictive Index

I will most strongly express the following behaviors:

  • Private, serious, introspective, and reserved, it takes me time to connect with and trust new people.
  • Focused, I can concentrate on the task at hand for long periods. I more quickly notice and understand technical matters than social matters. Consistent and patiently thoughtful.
  • I'm task-focused; I often notice and am driven to fix technical problems, cutting through any personal/emotional issues. In areas of interest, I have an aptitude to spot trends in data or figure out how complex systems work.
  • Relatively independent in thinking and action; I'm often comfortable taking action without input from others. An analytical and private person.
  • I have an assertive drive to accomplish my personal goals by working around or through roadblocks. I communicate directly and to the point.

Summary of Predictive Index

  • I am independent and individualistic in my thinking and behavior. I have strong ideas and opinions and expresses them with confidence and certainty.
  • I have a willingness to take on risk, I am likely to develop and act on ideas that are distinctly new or unconventional. This is part of my creative and nonconformist personality.
  • In expressing and acting on my ideas, I'm determined and persistent and have the kind of confidence and nerve involved in initiating innovation or change. I can be very determined and persistent; once I set a goal I will generally push hard to reach it, regardless of the goal's popularity with others. I'm undaunted by criticisms or failures.
  • Dealing with people, I'm frank and outspoken, expressing myself factually, at times bluntly, and with strong conviction. In general, my interest in people is secondary to my concern for getting things done in my own way and at my own pace. Patient and persevering, I work at a steady, unhurried pace, at times developing new ideas which I'll present in a self-assured and forthright manner.
  • Being more conceptual than detail-oriented, I'm fairly casual in working with details which are not vital to his job. I prefer to delegate non-vital detail work to other people whenever possible. What interests me much more are new ideas, or the big picture and an analytical, critical approach to solving problems and in getting results.


As a Director of managers or programs, I will be:
  • An individualistic manager who is broadly focused on his goals; a conceptualizer and take my time pursuing innovative, creative solutions to problems
  • While reluctant to delegate true authority, I will delegate details freely; his follow-up will be casual and cursory as his true focus is on solving the next complex technical problem
  • Steadfastly persistent and assertive in pursuing my goals; I have a high tolerance for risk, undaunted by failure, and am stimulated by experimenting with out-of-the-box solutions. I expect the same approach from my team, and as long as they're focused on the same goal I am, I'll give them plenty of room to experiment.
  • Distinctly individualistic; collaborates only with those I perceive are consummate experts (to whom I can delegate implementation or documentation details) and like-minded thinkers (theorists who can challenge my ideas and are not intimidated by unconventional solutions to problems).
  • A technically-oriented problem solver, I focus on solving difficult problems or developing complex ideas rather than the social or 'political' aspects of an organization


As an influencer, I will be:
  • Confident in my ideas and opinions; explaining why what I present is the best; unequivocal in my conviction
  • Technical and probing: calmly asks broad questions and suggests unconventional solutions
  • Focus on gaining agreement, considering the details and implementation steps for a conversation later
  • Confident and calm, I'll guide the process in the way I perceive is best; will prepare only as much as necessary, and even then, I'll focus more on the technical issues to be solved than on implementation details or perfectly polished presentations
  • Concise; I'll engage in as little small talk as necessary; speaking calmly, with a moderate pace and relaxed body language
  • Independent; I'm confident making decisions by myself without a lot of input from others
  • Determined to influence others; I'm undeterred by rejection, failure, or criticism and I'm very persistent.

Awards & Certifications

  • PMP
  • Lateral Thinking
  • 6-Hats Trained
  • DuPont Safety Certified
  • DoD Top Secret Clearance (inactive)
  • 2008 YMCA Kick-Ball Coach of the Year
  • Husband, Father and Friend